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    As an English major in college, many professors would tell me how clear my essays were. I have a command over English langauge and understand how scientific language must be structured and communicated.

    I graduated from medical school in Indianapolis, IN. I have read many textbooks and understand the structure of chapters. I also have worked with many different types of medical devices, pharmaceutical products, and physicians of all specialties.

    As a medical writer, I consider it my job to read your manuscripts and redecorate the language. You've already built the structure and I come in and paint the walls and choose the furniture to make it attractive.

    I have worked with dozens of happy physicians and scientists and medical students and biology majors, and can provide you with great results.

    Also, I am dedicated to medical writing that is ethical, and I can help guide you about more challenging concerns, such as authorship, conflict of interest, news releases, and plagiarism to help protect your reputation.

    Ethical Guidance
  • Authorship

  • Conflict of Interest
  • News Releases
  • Journal Submissions
  • Avoiding Social Media
  • Protecting Patient Confidentiality
  • Ensuring that research is presented in IMRAD format
  • Biostatistics
  • Types of Documents I edit:
  • Grant Proposals
  • Manuscripts
  • Textbook Chapters
  • Review Articles
  • Case Reports
  • I work closely with philanthropic organizations, in my spare time. My dedication to my community as well as my dedication to improving the scientific community make me a perfect fit for you, your laboratory, or your company. My experience gained throughout schooling has given me a competitive edge. I understand what you need. I give away many pointers and tips away for free, based on my reading and my experience. Feel free to look through those resources prior to working with me. I have read 100s of published science articles, in addition to perusing dozens of medical textbooks. I have also studied pharmaceutical sales techniques and understand how to market pharmaceutical products, if that is the field in which you work in.
    Listed below are philanthropic organizations I've successfully partnered with:
    Unite For Sight - subsidized the cost of cataract surgeries for low income South Indians
    Make A Wish - helped raise over $5,000 to send a child with leukemia to Disney World with his family
    The Middle Way House - tutored young children affected by domestic abuse
    Pages for Prisoners - chose books and sent packages to prisoners
    Alpha Phi Omega
    Franciscan Health - volunteered time to work with sick patients
    Habitat For Humanity
    March of Dimes
    Relay For Life